Bastard Lounge, Sleaze Funk and Sneer Of Consciousness are just a couple of labels that twats have tried to pin on Terry. The smoothest bastard this side of the Pennines, the one and only Terry Venomous serves up filthy lofi licks that will require you to pour hand sanitiser in your ears after aural consumption. He’s already been called ‘an understated genius’ by Sex Pop King, Brad Stank and ‘Like Mark E Smith On Tramadol’ by Close Encounters Club.  Recounting tales of holidays in Eastern Europe to sampling a furious Alex Jones, the baseball capped laureate makes music to sink into couches to but never quite lets you relax with every track punctuated by a sinister air.

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We’re absolutely elated to announce that top egg Bill Nickson will be releasing his Eggy debut with us. Master of bedroom pop, Nickson has been working relentlessly, producing an extensive set of songs spanning since his last EP, to now. Bill shares with us the first collection of songs from his quickly expanding catalogue – […]

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