Finding their name from the bold stencilled text of the industrial dockside storage units that they pass daily; stores are the true spirit of Merseyside’s musical underground finding influence in both the beautiful and decaying.

A frank recollection of feelings, both lost and found; stores channel their spirit through dramatic, extraterrestrial kitchen sink drama and kaleidoscopic noise.

A family-like collective who’s mythology was born before they were even conceived, stores inhabit a chaotic world, from drinking moonshine with Russian beekeepers to skinny dipping in freezing Wirral waters on full moon lit eves. From small coastal towns on opposite sides of the North, Hannah Brown (Bass & Vocals) met Sam Warren (Guitar & Vocals) in his hometown of Birkenhead found on the crumbling docklands of the Mersey. Despite their disparately different accents they are brought together through a youthful search for adventure in everyday banality.

Much like the landscapes that have surrounded them, their sound is one that juxtaposes the harmonious with something much darker. Fatigued and heartsore, like lonely retail park cinema employees and unleashing reckless abandon like the kids on the train tracks behind it stores embody that weird transitional stage between childhood and the crushing realities of adulthood.  Reflecting the wilderness of your early twenties, stores document the extreme highs and lows. Bipolarity pulses through their sound as blissfully warm Saturdays become more angular and disorientating Monday mornings.

With sea views never far there is an eternal longing for somewhere else and something bigger, something more than pensioners in supermarket cafes and shops selling crablines, buckets and spades. Visions of Paris in Spring, Dublin or Berlin backstreets. They are the children of Europe who have had that snatched away from them and as such poured everything in melody and harmony. Cowboys of forgotten seaside towns of the North.

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