At the age of 23, Bill Nickson has already got an extensive back catalogue under his belt. Growing up feeling artistically and creatively isolated in his suburban home on the Wirral: Bill has been crafting heartfelt songs tackling love, loss and mortality all written, recorded and produced from his bedroom.

Inspired by the purity and experimentalism of artists such as Brian Wilson and Daniel Johnston, Nickson’s output is lo-fi pop with heart and soul, nuanced with the small touches which make all the difference. Bill gathered quite the cult fanbase across the web, finding himself on the front page of bandcamp and lauded as a secret treasure amongst fans.

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We’re absolutely elated to announce that top egg Bill Nickson will be releasing his Eggy debut with us. Master of bedroom pop, Nickson has been working relentlessly, producing an extensive set of songs spanning since his last EP, to now. Bill shares with us the first collection of songs from his quickly expanding catalogue – […]

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