Adopting his last name as his moniker; the Southport native crafts introspective ballads which reflect the rainy post glamour of the seaside resort of yesterday in which he once resided. An early obsession with The Beatles and their respective solo projects solidified a strong ear for melody. Much like their more sobering hits, his songs tackle subjects of love, loss and the after effects of being mugged on an industrial estate. Solemn, heartfelt and delicate, Daniel crafts symphonies under desperate measures: crafting orchestras with a mere cello in an abattoir and little more than a well loved piano. Made for rainy days, he is the sun that’s rays peak through the cloud, the warm radiator to hang a sodden jumper. Astles follows in the footsteps of Buckley, Elliot Smith et al holding his heart on his well worn sleeve.

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We’re absolutely elated to announce that top egg Bill Nickson will be releasing his Eggy debut with us. Master of bedroom pop, Nickson has been working relentlessly, producing an extensive set of songs spanning since his last EP, to now. Bill shares with us the first collection of songs from his quickly expanding catalogue – […]

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