Escaping from real worldly pressures, Ana Mae transcends realities in a hushed daydream universe. Offering up lullabies of a fantastical nature, which travel from the enchanted forests of Studio Ghibli to sweeping hills of The Sound of Music. Channeling a misty levitation which reflects the masters of the art Mazzy Star, the Runcorn native elevates you beyond earthly dilemma into shimmering dreamworlds, colourful, magical and dripping in glistening reverb.

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Ana Mae releases ‘That I Would Do’

The song that made us fall in love with Ana Mae, ‘That I Would Do’ first caught our attention on Soundcloud. One of our favourite runny eggs ‘That I Would Do’ is a heart worn lo fi classic which catches all the doo wop romanticism of a sixties murder ballad with raw lo fi energy. […]

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