rich in or covered with egg.

Eggs are a symbol of new life, hope and good luck. Eggy, however, often conjures up memories of foul smells which you can’t avoid. Here at Eggy we try to find ourselves somewhere between the two, offering up the most exciting new artists who we hope to make unavoidable. 

Unafraid to embrace the harsh reality of life and all its challenges, Eggy hopes to find light in the dark as much as every light casts a shadow. 

Incubating and nursing some of the most exciting artists from Birkenhead and beyond, we hope to offer up an antidote to the landfill indie, the shit mod aesthetics and the vapid cocaine culture which seem to have enveloped counter-culture today. 

Not a record label as such, but a twisted dysfunctional family, Eggy hopes to grow faster than black mould on a damp pub toilet wall. Open to the outcasts, the socially awkward and the delusional, Eggy is a collective. An abstract muse set against the muddy banks of the Mersey, it is the red brick and rusting corrugated iron for the disenfranchised. 

Keep it Eggy x